The International Chang-Hon Taekwon-do Federation (ICTF) is a not-for-profit organization which is dedicated to the practice and teachings of Taekwon-Do as they were originally developed and taught by the founder, General Choi Hong Hi. Students not only learn the techniques and method of Taekwon-Do but also to follow the traditions and values as they were taught by the founder himself. The ICTF believes it embodies the lineage and qualities of this martial art, as well as the spirit of the movement itself.

The ICTF itself is a strong federation of like-minded Taekwon-do Masters, instructors and students who are all motivated by the same passion for Taekwon-do and it's values. The indomitable spirit that the founder expressed is alive today and is pursued vigorously at the ICTF and by its members. Whether in Venezuela, the UK, Malaysia or in Canada this strong sense of shared values and mutual respect is clearly evident. Of course, competition at the local and international level is key (not to mention, intense). However, it is the shared teachings of the fundamental and advanced techniques of Taekwon-do that our Masters provide, that truly bring us together. GramdMaster J. Cariati, among others, travels tirelessly to share his knowledge and understanding as was first taught to him by General Choi Hung Hi, himself. In fact, Grand Master J. Cariati traveled extensively with the founder, spreading the word of Taekwon-do and demonstrating the techniques that have made this method the foremost of the worlds martial arts.

The community of the ICTF welcomes new members from all backgrounds and practices. This is part of the reason for our steady growth. At the ICTF we are moving strongly into the future, but we keep steadfastly to the true spirit and principles of the past.


 “International Ch’ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation” (ICTF) is an organization whose sole purpose is to support its members. Openness, the sharing of ideas and the freedom of communication enable every member to become involved in current decision making or considerations on the way ahead, a key word here would be - transparency.


Standardization is another key word important to the ICTF. ICTF Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors strive through the use of seminars and workshops to standardize Taekwon-Do to the exact teachings of General Choi Hong Hi, as detailed in the condensed encyclopedia (Vol. 5 – 1999).


ICTF members are not discouraged from attending other federations’ events, in fact it is encouraged. General Choi created Taekwon-Do with no international political boundaries and students were encouraged to experience other do jangs and styles. The ICTF holds true to these teachings, all members are free to experience every opportunity available. The ICTF also welcomes any style or organization to attend its events and share the knowledge – the betterment of everyone.


ICTF President 

Grand Master KJN Cariati IX Dan 




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