ICTF Administration
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Chairman cum President               : GM KJC J Cariati, 9th Dan

Executive Committee                                         

President                                                       : GM KJN J Cariati, 9th Dan

Executive Vice President                             : Master N. Doersken, 8th Dan

Administrative Vice President                    : Ms S Lawson, 4th Dan

Secretary General                                        : Master E Sucre, 8th Dan


ICTF Task Force (Core Group)

Chairman                                                      : GM KJN J Cariati, 9th Dan

Official Members                                         : Master E Sucre, 8th Dan

                                                                        Mr F Adriano, 6th Dan

                                                                        Mr J Cariati, 6th Dan




Sub-Committee Chairpersons

Promotion Committee                                : GM S Creighton,9th Dan

Technical Committee                                  : GM KJN J Cariati, 9th Dan

Chairman’s Office Committee                   : Mr J Cariati, 6th Dan

Membership Committee                            : Master A Staden, 8th Dan

Sparring Committee                                    : GM D Simard, 9th Dan

Umpire Committee                                      : Master W Henry, 8th Dan

Tournament Committee                             : Master E Sucre, 8th Dan

Wellness Committee                                   : Master R MacEachern, 8th Dan

Ethic/Disciplinary Committee                    : Master D Ong, 8th Dan

Historical Committee                                   : Mr F Adriano, 6th Dan

Communication committee                      

  Deloitte National Sales Office

Media Committee                                        : Master A Cariati, 7th Dan

Public Relation Committee                         : Mr F Adriano, 6th Dan

Veteran Committee                                     : GM R Parris, 9th Dan

Tourism Service Committee                       : Master Yung Chen, 7th Dan

Women Committee                                     : Master Facciolo, 8th Dan

Youth Committee                                        : Mr J Cariati, 6th Dan

Children Committee                                   : Ms. Ciaravella, 6th Dan

Social Network Committee                         : Master S Scarfo, 7th Dan

Legal Counsel Committee                         : Mr. Rudi 



Signatory in Certificate from 7th to 9th Dan Promotion

Grandmaster Parris 

Grandmaster Simard 

Grandmaster S. Creighton

Grandmaster N. Doerksen

Master E. Sucre 

Signatory in Certificate from 4th to 6th Dan Promotion

Master W. Henry

Master R. MacEachern



Special Assistant Team To the Grandmaster KJN J Cariati

GM Master N. Doerksen 

Master W. Henry

Master R. MacEachern 

Master E. Sucre  

Mr F. Adriano   

Master S. Scarfo

Mr J. Cariati

Mr V. Gallo

Mr W. Renna

ICTF GRAND MASTERS Advisory Committee Members

In recognition of and appreciation for giving

counsel, guidance & advice for matters pertaining to the

International Ch’ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation

GM Alfonso Gabbidon Canada

Grandmaster James  A Gordon   USA

Grandmaster Richard Parris   Canada

Grandmaster Dan Simard  Canada

Grandmaster Lim Heng Hin   Malaysia

Grandmaster Michael Ch'ng Kim Chye   Malaysia

Grandmaster Jacob Starr   Canada

Grandmaster Cleveland Bryan   Canada

Grandmaster Seymour Creighton   Canada

Grandmaster William Wing Hon Fu   Canada

Grandmaster Troy White   Canada

Grandmaster Roy B. Sullivan   Canada

Grandmaster Nathan Doerksen  Canada

Grandmaster Marcel Bedard   USA

Professor Anton Tariba  Germany


Issue date: December 22-2020