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Dear members,


Building on the success of both the Student Instructor course and the Black Belt instructor course, it gave me the insight to expand and develop what is called the Master Instructor Course (MIC®) ten years ago.  As I look back today, I am proud of this uniquely instinctive insight I had at that time.


The core value of MIC® is to equip a selective few individuals who qualify for the criteria and possess the qualities required to continue the legacy General Choi envisioned.  The MIC® is to impart Taekwondo knowledge of specific technical details taught by the Founder of Taekwondo pertaining to the vision of International Ch’ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation.  The sole purpose of MIC® is to maintain a universal teaching standard in accordance to what General Choi passed on to the first generation Taekwondo practitioners like myself.  By doing so, we will maintain a continuum of excellence in the technical details of Taekwondo Martial Art.


Some of you have been wondering and asking questions about my MIC® vision. Some of the individuals chosen have been training with me for decades, and have been equipped with an unmatched work ethic sharing my same vision.  I have developed and designed the MIC® curriculum in such a way that upon completion of it the trained individuals will become uniquely qualified Master Instructors. The program is not to be taken lightly.  These MIC® candidates dedicate much of their time training with me and with each other.  It is not unusual that they are required to train and teach up to 20 hours per week in the intensive training period.  In addition, each individual is required to train with me on a private basis for at least once per week in a 2-hour class.  Some of these individuals are full time employees at their respective job and have families to care and attend to; their personal sacrifices to be part of the MIC® program is not to be taken lightly physically or mentally.  It takes one with utmost dedication and passion to be in the MIC® program and graduate into a true Taekwondo Master in our time.


MIC® program is extremely demanding both physically and mentally, some individuals in the MIC® program also participate in social events, political events, and corporate dealings.  There are a few instances that some of these individuals need to travel domestically or internationally to promote and propagate the martial art of original Taekwon-Do as Masters.  Some work in the various divisions and sectors of ICTF dealing with corporate and legal affairs both locally and internationally.  The work and effort contributed by these MIC® Masters go beyond individual fame, but strictly towards the betterment of Taekwon-Do martial art globally.  I am truly impressed by the dedication of the MIC® Masters to learn and teach simultaneously like a master of all disciplines.  The enthusiasm and appreciation they bring to each training session is a testimony of their genuine desire to improve and master this Taekwondo martial art at a highly professional level. 


By the courage, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit, I am proud to introduce this MIC® program to all ICTF members worldwide.  I look forward to sharing with you a vision which I have dedicated my entire life to share like I did successfully and fruitfully with the many Masters who were selected, participated, and graduated with the MIC® program.   It is my great comfort that the graduated Masters will ensure the legacy of General Choi to be continued without fail.  While I welcome new applicants to enrol in the next MIC® program, I would like to congratulate those graduated and wish them all the best in their Taekwondo undertakings by quoting the saying of Bruce Lee who is undoubtedly the most influential martial artist in the history of all time, “Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your mind, for they are the weeds to strangle confidence.  In great attempt, even it is glorious to fail.  Defeat is a state of mind, no one is ever defeated until defeat is accepted as a reality”.




KJN Grandmaster Joe Cariati (IX Dan)

ICTF President

Founder & Developer of MIC®

Master Instructor Course MIC®

Date started: Date started: January 3, 2006
























Graduate of the ( MIC )

Master Instructor Course 





GM. R. Parris IX Dan : Senior Technical advisor 

GM. S. Creighton IX Dan: Senior Technical advisor

GM Master Doursken IX Dan:   Technical advisor

Master Henry VIII Dan: Technical advisor 

Master Facciolo VII Dan: Technical advisor

Master Sucre VIII Dan: Technical advisor 

Mr. J. Cariati: Technical advisor 

Mr. Failla: Technical advisor


Master. Scarfo

Mr. Adriano 

Mr. Gallo

Mr. Rena

Mr. Tello

Mr. Bryan

Mrs. Chrechiola

Mrs. Kuna