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September 24, 2017





































































































































                             September 24, 2017
























































































July 20, 2015 

Dear Grand Master Cariati,

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing seminar last weekend. As always my kids loved every second of it.
Attached is the promised picture of Masons hero wall. As you maybe able to tell not only are you there but Mr Leblanc, GSP, Chuck Norris, and of course Bruce Lee.

When Mason first joined TKD I seriously had my doubts that he would progress. Mason has a condition called Hypotonia. Basically he has low muscle tone. Wow...was I wrong! Mr Leblanc has the patience of a saint and has taught my son and daughter to do amazing things.

For the past few years Mason has been bullied at school. So bad that we bagged Mason to beat this kid up. It was a horrible situation. But my amazing little man looked at us and said " I promised to build a more peaceful world"! So that is what he does. If he sees people getting bullied or picked on Mason stands in the middle of the situation, never afraid of what may happen to him. He couldn't protect himself when needed but will always protect others. He is truly my hero.
He threw himself into TKD will arms wide open and has received 8 gold medals in sparring. So he knows he could kick butt but chooses not too.

Thank you for what you do, thank you to Mr Leblanc for loving and teaching my children.
Thank you for being his hero.

Jamie Mader 
Chester NS










June 18, 2015 


Member Privileges  


The ICTF is a very open minded and free thinking organization. It serves no positive purpose to lock down the federation and forbid our members from competing, experiencing, sharing knowledge and basically building lifetime friendships with other styles and arts - General Choi promoted experiencing other styles and arts, it's healthy. Below is a brief summary of ICTF do jang privileges:

- All do jangs are free to compete and participate at other organizations events,

- All do jangs are free to invite whomever they please to their events,

- All do jangs are unrestricted in joining other federations and organizations,

- Other organizations are free to join the ICTF.



June 17, 2015 



Hello everyone,


Remember that the ICTF of Canada is no longer part of our organization. All requests for materials and resources, (ie. colour belt certificates……etc.) are to be placed through the ICTF HQ. Here are the appropriate addresses:





Written correspondence:

ICTF Administrative Services

44 Goodmark Place, Unit 11

Toronto ON M9W 6N8






June 16, 2015


Dear ICTF members,


It is my pleasure to address you at this time.  We as a federation are growing and our shared vision for the future is becoming more and more clear.  The ICTF has been involved in some innovative ideas and is exploring options that will strengthen our mandate to create and even stronger federation.  To that end, I would like to personally inform and remind the membership that among my responsibilities as president is listening to ideas, concerns and constructive criticism from you our members.

At times, human nature makes people reluctant to speak their mind due to perceived consequences.  Allow me to put your mind at ease.  I encourage creative discussion regarding the future of the ICTF.  I invite the proposing of new ideas.  I reassure you that your valid concerns will not fall on deaf ears.  Your confidentiality is of the outmost importance to me.  I cannot be expected to know your concerns unless you bring them to my attention.  But know this, at the moment it is brought to my attention your issue becomes my issue.  I will do my best to resolve the situation and allay your concerns.  True leadership puts me at your service.  It is not merely a title that is makes one a leader.  Please allow my deeds and actions to speak for me as president.  If you are content let me know it.  If you are not, let me help you overcome the obstacle so that you can be content. 

An open and honest federation is a reassured federation.  A reassured federation is a strong federation.  A strong federation allows us to overcome differences, communicate openly and continue to grow.  

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Grand Master Cariati





Congratulations to Grand Master White for your promotion. 
June 13, 2015
ICTF Canadian Dream Championships 2015
June 13, 2015

On Saturday June 13th2015 over 385 Taekwon-Do practitioners of all ages competed in the ICTF Canadian Dream Championships.  The event was held at the Maple Community Centre Arena in Vaughan Ontario. Among the many attendees were participants from as far away as Puerto Rico who joined us for a friendly competition.  It was, by all accounts, a great day and for the first time there was an opportunity for Black Belt competitors to have their matches professionally recorded and available on USB.  Grand Master Cariati was pleased with the outcome of the tournament and said “great things can happen when we work together and the success of today’s tournament is a testament to the strength of ICTF.”  Besides having the chance to compete with some great fighters, this was also an opportunity for the competitors participating in the Open World Championships 2015, to be held in Rimini Italy June 26-28, to further hone their skills.  Grand Master Cariati wishes to thank everyone who put time and effort into making this event yet another outstanding success.


Mr. Adriano MIC 



June 14, 2015 

GM KJN Cariati

I wanted to commend you and your team for running a very successful tournament. You truly are inspirational. Everything ran smoothly and very professionally today. I was proud to be there and be a part of it. 


I also just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to compete today. It was such a wonderful feeling to come back after 10 years, of not completing and fight again. I really wasn't expecting to win first place, but it was a great feeling.  

I hope you and your support team are having a celebration right now and then have a well-deserved sleep tonight. 


Mrs. Crechiola 


Friday and Saturday 29th & 30th May 2015




First Fundraising Seminar conducted by Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim Cariati for the East Coast ICTF Taekwon-Do Organization on Friday and Saturday 29th& 30thMay 2015.


 On Friday evening seven of the Maritimes Instructors (Mr. Blue, Mr. LeBlanc, Mr. McAvoy, Mr. Muise, Mr. Sharp, Mr. Stoerig andMrs. Williams) spent almost 4 hours reviewing pattern technique and all patterns up to Tong-Il. Mr. LeBlanc completed his testing as well on Friday evening with GM Kwan Jang Nim Cariati but he would have to wait for his result. Then on Saturday, GM Kwan Jang Nim Cariati covered mostly “Sparring/Self Defence” commencing with applicable techniques for each belt level. The Instructors that attended the seminar were amazing by jumping in to help and spread their knowledge to seminar participants. It was noted that many of the participants felt it was like a family reunion but with upmost professionalism.

The fundraising seminar boost 96participants from different areas in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. Mr. McAvoy (White Tigers) from Gagetown, NB and Mr. Adriano from Nobleton Tkd in Ontario also attend from afar. Great pleasure to have our ICTF Public Relations representative (Mr. Adriano) at our event and to assist in our News Coverage. There was CBC News radio that covered our story as well as the local News Paper and SNAP Magazine. Thanks to Mr. Sharp for helping to contact and organize the media presence. Unbeknownst to Mr. Stoerig, he was promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt (Master) just before lunch on Saturday in front of his family, friends and students. Congratulations again goes out to Master Stoerig on such a great achievement and the sentiment conveyed by all was “well deserved”.


 The Instructors/Representatives and Do-Jangs (alphabetic order) in attendance were:


 Mr. Adriano - Nobleton Taekwon-Do

 Mr. Blue - Blue Taekwon-Do

 Mr. LeBlanc  - LeBlanc Taekwon-Do

 Mr. McAvoy - White Tigers Taekwon-Do

 Mr. Muise - Muise Taekwon-Do

Mr. Sharp - Bojean Taekwon-Do

Master Stoerig - Fall River Taekwon-Do

Mrs. Williams - Winding River Taekwon-Do





Special Guest from Truro Kajukenpo Chaun Fa – Master Gerald Tobin and Shr fu Thomas Dalziel who conducted some self defence drills for our group. Great to see the Nova Scotia martial arts community united in our supporting of one another and spreading of knowledge. The “Do” or “Tao”. Thank you for your support.


Great to see all 96 that registered enjoying another outstanding event.


Congratulations to all that tested; Mr. LeBlanc 5th Degree, Mr. McLeod 5th Degree (LeBlanc Tkd) and Mr. Pothier 3rd Degree (Muise Tkd). Mr. McAvoy recently tested in Toronto to obtain his 4th Degree so congratulation to him as well.


A Huge Thank you again to Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim Cariati for another amazing and exciting seminar. It was a great honor for to have you in Atlantic Canada and The East Coast Tkd Organization can’t wait for the next one.



Seminar Host

Mr. Blue





Instructor Training Session From Left to Right:

Mr. McAvoy - White Tigers Taekwon-Do

Mr. Muise - Muise Taekwon-Do

Mr. Blue - Blue Taekwon-Do

Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim Cariati – ICTF President

Master Stoerig – Fall River Taekwon-Do

Mr. LeBlanc  - LeBlanc Taekwon-Do

Mr. Sharp - Bojean Taekwon-Do

Mrs. Williams - Winding River Taekwon-Do




ICTF of Canada - National Governing Body

June, 2015 


Dear ICTF HQ members,


Over the last number of months the actions and obvious disregard for the members of the ICTF and the blatant disrespect towards the martial art in general by the executive of the ICTF of Canada has opened the eyes of everyone involved. This type of individual motivated behavior cannot be tolerated nor allowed to continue. The national governing body (NGB) - ICTF of Canada - has proven itself to be irresponsible and non-beneficial to the membership of Canada.


From the directors of the executive of the ICTF - Effective immediately NGBs will cease to exist as part of the International Ch'ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation. Thus the ICTF of Canada now ceases to exist within the ICTF.


All administration, queries or concerns shall now be directed to the ICTF HQ. In reality this is what was done anyway, how many actual dealings with the ICTF of Canada were truly sought.


This may seem like a drastic step, but in actuality it's more of a streamlining; removing a troublesome negative problem.



Thank you 


Grand Master Cariati 

ICTF President